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In the fall of 2015, Kalham decided to start her journey as a model. Despite being petite, she decided to follow her dreams. After a feature in Arsenic Magazine gained lots of traction online, Kalham started becoming more and more active as a model. Being from Texas, she has had the chance of working with many talented photographers and then went onto traveling all over the US and working with multiple brands and publications. She went onto creating coffee table books such as "Kalham Sutra" and has been published in multiple magazines and websites, some of which include Playboy Italia, Resuer Magazine, and Volo Glam. Kalham works to normalize the human body and encourages body positivity and empowerment. 

In December of 2017, she booked what she thought was her dream job, but life had other plans. Come 2018, things would change drastically for Kalham, and her career was interrupted by autoimmune issues and other various health problems. Due to her ongoing health problems, she took a 2 year break from modeling, focusing on photography, production, and entrepreneurship. She decided to go forward to starting a publication, which was a project that had to be let go due to the pandemic.

After the pandemic began, Kalham found a way to make modeling work by taking a deep dive into creative direction self-directed portraiture with her partner. Diving deeper into fashion, she started designing during the pandemic as well. Kalham discovered Web 3 in February 2021 and took a deeper dive into experimenting with 1/1 NFT art as well as starting a NFT project called CuteThings in July 2022.

Despite primarily being a model, Kalham often uses her social media to advocate for and raise awareness about important social causes.